Coltelli AcuoKnife - tagliati per la cucina
MagicBlade  can be customized with logos or a script on the blade and holder, making it a highly-appreciated and original business gift.
Hygiene and safety in each movement thanks to the exclusive holder .
MagicBlade always remains sharp: the holder contains a sharpener that is quick and easy to use.
5 intense, lively colours add a creative touch to the kitchen.

With its unique characteristics and clever, modern design, MagicBlade renews the concept of kitchen knife. In one movement you can remove the knife from its holder, pressing gently to sharpen it, giving a perfect performance at all times – quick, easy and accurate.

MagicBlade is your kitchen handyman: keen, bright and functional, allowing room for creativeness. The stainless steel blade, which is kept sharp thanks to the special device provided, gives quick, accurate cuts and the exclusive holder is a guarantee of hygiene and safety.
With MagicBlade, cooking becomes pure joy.

MagicBlade’s colours are designed to express vitality and style. Blue, orange, grey, red and purple decorate the kitchen, conveying new sensations. You can choose your favourite colour or purchase all of them so there will always be one to suit your mood .